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Delta Omega’s Commitment to a Future of Equitable Change

Tri Delta at its core is an organization founded to be kind alike to all, and each of our members is expected to meet to this standard. We are committed to holding our members accountable when this principle is not upheld.

On behalf of the Delta Omega chapter of Tri Delta, I would like to sincerely apologize to all who witnessed the racist behavior of one of our members. The woman in the video is no longer a member of our organization.

Please know that this individual’s shameful actions are not a reflection of our chapter as a whole. However, as an organization that is currently predominantly white, we know that we can do better, and we are committed to doing exactly that. Please know that we are listening, and our hearts are completely open to learning and growing. As a chapter, we pledge to implement education on the history of racial injustice in this country, acknowledge our privilege and opportunities to advocate for marginalized students, and ensure that all members are consistently held accountable for their role in providing an inclusive experience within our chapter and our community. 

While we cannot change our past, we acknowledge that we can do better, and we will work to a future that is committed to equitable change, as we pour our love back into the LSU community.

Our hearts sincerely go out to all those who are suffering and have suffered from racial injustice. We stand with you – now and always.

-Maddie Burk


This past Spring, two of our Delta Omega sisters participated in Miss LSU 2019


Delta Omega loves to help our community by participating in Greek Week and volunteering for the LA Marathon.



Delta Omega loves to cheer on the Tigers!



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